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History of the Cesis Exhibition hall

 Construction of the front yard of the Cesis Castle manor, which can be seen today, was established at the beginning of the 19th century. One of the buildings of the front yard is an architectural monument –a stable/cart-house– now the Exhibition Hall of Cesis History and Art museum. 

 In 1777 the Cesis Castle manor became a property of Earl Karl Eberhard von Sievers. Perhaps the building was built during his time and the year of the construction corresponds to the number “1781”given on the wind cone. With minor modifications this building has been preserved until nowadays. When the facade of the stable/cart-house was restored and the interior adjusted to exhibition needs, on 20th February 1985 the Exhibition Hall was opened. The design of the interior was by an artist from Cesis Raimonds Pinnis.